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2022 Mattelson Fine Art Portrait Academy Online Class Teaching Schedule

January 7, 2022
In class instructor demonstration drawing

Happy New Year! I'm optimistically looking forward to an exciting, healthy and happy 2022. In this first post of the new year, I wanted to share my online class offerings with you. For a full rundown, you can see everything I'm doing here: Marvin Mattelson's 2022 teaching schedule.

Since the pandemic started I've moved to online education and have found that to be even more effective than teaching live. If you've studied with me previously, I believe you'll get even more out of this new format. In addition to my portrait painting class, I'm offering two new classes, a portrait drawing class (previously available only as a workshop) and, for the first time ever, an Alla Prima portrait painting class.

If you're interested in taking an online workshop, here are the links to more specific info about my portrait drawing workshop and my portrait painting workshop.

Lastly, for now, I have begun working with some students privately. That's been great fun so now I've decided to offer the option for mentoring and coaching, too.

Marvin Mattelson's
Portrait Drawing: Online Master Class
The Fundamental Truths

5 Saturdays
Starts January 22, 2022
10:00am to 4:30pm

I'm very excited to offer this content, for the first time, in a weekly class format. Drawing is the key component of realistic painting and one of the most critical aspects of picture making. My students have commented that this was a transformative experience and it improved not only their drawing, but it had a profound impact on the quality of their paintings as well.

In this class I'm able to go much deeper into the drawing process compared to my painting courses. You'll be amazed at the effect that a mere 5 Saturdays will have on your art making. And all from the comfort of your home. Learn more about the Portrait Drawing Online Master Class here.

This is the best introduction to all my teachings. If you prefer a workshop format, I'm teaching a July 2022 one week drawing workshop.

Contact me, Marvin Mattelson, to register or for more information.

Oil portrait painting demo by Marvin Mattelson
In-class oil portrait painting demo by Marvin Mattelson

Marvin Mattelson's
Realistic Oil Portrait Painting Class
The Keys to Understanding

11 Saturday Sessions
10am - 4:30pm
Starting Date: February 26, 2022

My teaching is based on the idea that history's greatest artists did far more than simply copy their subject matter. My approach to teaching students how to paint realistically is based on the idea that to create a truly life-like portrait, one that exudes vitality, you need to go far beyond just mimicking what you see. My life-long study of great masterpieces – in museums, galleries and auction houses – has confirmed that idea, and that logic, not intuition or magic, is the basis of all great painting.

Learn more about the Realistic oil portrait painting class here. I'm also offering this course as a two-week workshop in August, 2022.

Contact me, Marvin Mattelson, to register or for more information.

Class Alla Prima demo by Marvin Mattelson
In class Alla Prima demo by Marvin Mattelson

Marvin Mattelson's
Alla Prima Oil Portrait Painting Mastery Online Art Class

6 Saturday Sessions
10am - 4:30pm
Starting Date: June 4, 2022
Class size limit: 15 students

I'm excited to announce my new Alla Prima oil portrait painting class. I have developed, what I believe is, a new and exiting way to paint in the Alla Prima style that goes beyond the typical sketchy look of that genre. It will empower you be both more accurate, as well as more efficient. No matter how long you've been at it, if you want to experience significant progress with your paintings, then you need to change your approach, significantly.

Learn more about my six day Alla Prima portrait class here. Contact me, Marvin Mattelson, to register or for more information.

Learn more about all the course offerings here. Click here to see students' work and feedback. You can read more about my virtual class setup and my teaching methodology.

Once again, I'm now conducting my classes and workshops online in HD 1080p through my Fine Art Portrait Academy,  as well as now offering private coaching and mentoring.

For further information please follow this link to my teaching page.

Until next time...

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