Artist Mentoring with Marvin Mattelson

Marvin Mattelson is the best mentor and compass I could possibly ask for on the journey of actualizing myself as the artist I want to be.

- Noah Klavens

Individualized One-to-One Training & Coaching

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Portrait by Noah Klavens (detail)

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Artist Mentoring & Coaching:
Individualized One-to-One training

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$150 for 60 minutes
$250 for 120 minutes

Marvin is a mentor and I hear his voice every day as I stand by my easel. Educational as it's been, I've also had some of the happiest, most satisfying (and funniest) moments of my painting career in his classroom. I stand in awe of Marvin's passion for painting and If you have any ambition of improving your artistic skill and increasing your understanding, he has my highest recommendation. 

- Billy Norrby

Portfolio evaluation, career path advice & roadside assistance

Marvin Mattelson is available for mentoring, consultation and one-to-one tutoring. His unrivaled ability to analyze any and all works of art, from hobbyist to old master, allows him to offer targeted insight regarding the best way to resolve your current issues, but more importantly, how to dismantle the underlying barriers that are at the source of your artistic stagnation.

If you are looking to elevate the level of your work, Marvin is a unique resource.  If you want an honest and unbiased assessment, Marvin will tell it like it is, and pull no punches. Over forty plus years of experience as a award winning professional artist, coupled with his long tenure at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, make him a virtual reservoir of information who can assist you in the pursuit of your artistic goals, while avoiding the frustration of wasted months, years or decades.

Are you experiencing stagnation regarding your art? Do you feel like a rudderless ship, or stuck in the mud? Is your painting's progress going sideways? If you're looking for a creative jolt or just trying toa current work – irrespective of subject matter – Marvin Mattelson can help forge a path for you. His forty plus years as a teacher and award winning artist, fueled by his incessant search for the best solutions may be just the perfect creative infusion to jettison you forward

Tthe vast majority of artists working today are dutifully following the archaic dogmatic rules passed down from generation to generation. It's true that some artists following the rules may occasionally produce exceptional work, Generally, it's in spite of, rather than because of their adherence. As a result, they are often sought out for their guidance, knowledge and counsel. The problem lies in the fact that the intrinsic talent or instinct that is the true source of their accomplishments can't be taught, so their only option is to regurgitate the very same pointless rules which they themselves somehow managed to supersede. If rules are so sacrosanct, why is it far too often stated, "When you know them, you can break them?" Catch phrases such as, "You'll know it when you get it," are strong indicators of clueless instruction. Unfortunately, since most students aren't precociously talented and/or instinctively gifted, they invariably wind up falling short of the mark. At best, they become inconsistent second-rate imitators of their mentors but lack the necessary understanding to forge their own paths.

Over the past year, I've undertaken an intensive one-on-one mentorship with Marvin. Although I've enrolled in all of his classes and workshops previously, this private mentorship has taken me on a far deeper and more personalized educational journey than would ever have been possible in a group setting. With the distinct structure, goals, and curriculum of a class/workshop gone, we're free to chart our own course and design a uniquely tailored path to suit my individual goals and needs. Within a mentorship session, Marvin shines laser-like focus on helping me to break through to exponentially greater levels in my art. Over the course of three years of study with Marvin, I've grown in ways I couldn't possibly have imagined when I first walked into his classroom. My artistic growth, career trajectory, and personal development have all been radically catapulted under his guidance and ceaselessly blinding rays of wisdom and insight.”

- Noah Klavens

Marvin's mindful approach conveys not merely what to do but the reasoning behind it. His never-ending thirst for knowledge has provided him with a deep understanding of all things related to creating realistic works. From drawing and painting technique; composition; photography and computer skills; as well as business savvy. His knowledge in all associated areas gives him an unrivaled capability to provide each of his students with the exact information they require.

As a portfolio teacher at the School of Visual Arts for 40-plus years, he has helped facilitate well over 1000 students in finding their own unique artistic voices. So whatever your needs, based on his vast experience and knowledge, Marvin Mattelson can help give you the boost you need to  overcome your technical insufficiencies, find a viable direction, fortify your portfolio and help bring out the true artist that lies within you.

Marvin suggests that students considering private study, may want to consider taking his basic painting course first, in order to better understand the fundamental principles which guide his analysis. In either case he will be able to provide you with the assistance you desire.

To arrange for a one-to-one session, please fill out the contact page form and he'll get back to you ASAP with the details.

You can click on the following links to learn more about Marvin's teaching philosophy, his virtual learning studio and read feedback from past and current students.