Realistic Portrait Drawing Online Art Workshop

Thank you for the drawing workshop. I appreciate how you introduced the concepts incrementally. By the end of the workshop I totally changed the way I approach drawing. It's great that in class you're foremost a teacher, explaining each step that you take while demoing, instead of just "performing" a demo.

- Boon Yik Lim

Marvin Mattelson's Course: Portrait Painting - Beyond Intuition
The fundamental truths revealed

Online Portrait Drawing Workshop with Marvin Mattelson
Class drawing by Mary Beth Lumley

Marvin Mattelson's
Realistic Portrait Drawing Online Workshop:
Makin' it More Real than Real

6 Daily Sessions
Next Workshop: T
9am to 5pm*
Class size limit: 15 students

This workshop was, without a doubt, the best investment I've ever made in the development of my skills as an artist. I cannot thank you enough for everything you taught me this week, Marvin. You are a spectacular teacher and person, and I will be counting down the days until I can study with you again.

- Mary Beth Lumley

This online portrait drawing art workshop is designed to increase your accuracy as well as your ability to take your drawings to a more controlled finish. The goal of this workshop is to teach you both the strategic thinking and techniques that great master artists have utilized for centuries.

The essence of draftsmanship is having a well-trained eye. The ability to faithfully represent what lies before you is the major factor in achieving long-term success as a realist. The first step is in learning how to see without bias if you want your drawings to be more real than real.

Marvin's approach to drawing is rooted in his 40+ years as a professional artist and teacher. His drawing methodologies are based on logical and intelligent observational analysis and are totally in sync with those utilized by 19th Century French Academics, such as Charles Bargue, J.L. Gerome and Pierre-Paul Prud'hon. Marvin's ideas on how to utilize the Bargue Plates differs greatly from the standardized obsessive copying that is currently in vogue.  Marvin's approach is based on developing true understanding and making purposeful choices. When approached logically, mastery over your drawing can be attained. If you want to learn how to draw well, you first need to transform the way you see and think. The underlying principles that formed the foundation of these great draftsmen's techniques will be reinforced while you draw from high resolution photos during the workshop.

Marvin demonstrates and explains every step of his methodology while fully annotating his every decision and choice. He feels the most important thing is for you to understand his reasoning.

Demonstrations include:

• How to achieve accurate drawing.
• How to create the illusion of form and atmosphere.
• How to use edge variation to enhance reality.
• How to bring your drawing to life.

The remainder of the time in class he will work one on one with each student. Marvin has created a multi-camera high-resolution broadcast virtual studio, where he utilizes the latest digital technology to critique and evaluate students' work and present digital slide shows covering a wide range of subject matter, including lectures on lighting, photo reference, and drawing techniques and approaches. By using multiple cameras and computer interactions, students are able to view never-before-possible close-ups of his demos. A big advantage of on screen learning, as opposed to a live classroom setting, is that he's not limited to merely explaining how to correct your drawing. Now he has the ability to show you what to do while your drawing remains intact. Plus, each student now has the opportunity to profit from all of Marvin's feedback, not just their own.

Drawing includes three and a half quarters of the content of painting… Drawing contains everything, except the hue."

- Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.

Whether drawing or painting is your ultimate goal, you'll learn what it takes to create accurate life-like illusionistic images and how to incorporate what you learn into your own personal approach and style. A deeper understanding of the drawing process is the most crucial component in achieving future success. In five short days your ability to perceive and convey the illusion of three dimensional structure will be transformed. To register please contact Marvin Mattelson.

*Eastern Daylight SavingsTime.

Marvin is now available for mentoring, coaching and portfolio evaluation. To arrange for a one-to-one session, please fill out the contact page form and he'll get back to you ASAP with the details.