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Marvin Mattelson Portrait Artist

Medical School Dean Portrait
Medical School Dean Portrait
Beautif Woman Custom Oil Portrait
Catholic Cardinal Comissioned Oil Portrait
Catholic Cardinal Comissioned Oil Portrait
Tenn Girl Custom OIl Portrait
Custom Oil Portrait of Wife and Mother
Toddler Oil Portrait
Beautiful Woman Oil  Portrait Comissioned painting
Commissioned Official Portrait Painting In Oils of Edward Cardinal Egan
Teen Girl Portrait Painting
Custom Oil Potrait Painting of a beautiful woman
Oil Portrait Painting sihoutte of a young girl
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Robert Cripps Chairman, Velcro Industries

Commission a Custom
Oil Portrait Painting

Marvin Mattelson is a contemporary portrait painter who creates classical oil portrait paintings for official, corporate and private commissions. His oil portraiture demonstrates a level of craftsmanship and refinement rarely evidenced today. By combining superb draftsmanship, innovative compositions, subtle lifelike color, a telling expression and deft paint handling, he brings each subject to life while revealing their unique character. His goal is to create paintings that appear more real than reality.

Located in the New York City suburb of Westchester County. Marvin has a client base that spans from the New York Metropolitan area, across the United States and as far reaching as China and Australia. If you wish to immortalize a cherished family member, recognize a special career achievement, or give an incomparable gift, contact portrait artist Marvin Mattelson to commission a unique, memorable and timeless work of art.

Hart-Cohen Family Portrait by Marvin Mattelson
Hart-Cohen Family Portrait

A portrait is an heirloom to be cherished for generations.

Selecting the best possible portrait painter to create your commission is a significant decision since a painted portrait can be appreciated for many years to come. Marvin is a perfectionist and his credo – that each painting he creates will be his best yet – keeps him constantly striving to reach greater artistic heights. Marvin uses only the finest quality archival materials to ensure that you and your family can enjoy your commissioned portrait for generations, because a well-crafted oil painting will last for centuries.

Contemporary Portrait of Pat & Jen by Marvin Mattelson
Contemporary Portrait of Pat & Jen

First and foremost, a portrait should be a beautiful work of art.

The portrait Society of America awarded Marvin’s portrait painting of Edward Cardinal Egan First Place in their international portrait competition. They chose him as a merit award winner and a Certificate of Excellence recipient in previous competitions and gave him four best portfolio awards. He was also a finalist at the American Society of Portrait Artists’ competition for an unprecedented three consecutive years, receiving both second-place and honors awards. He was awarded honorable mention in the Artists Magazine’s portrait competition for his portrait painting of Julia, one of only six portrait award winners selected from thousands of entries.

Classical Portrait of Sylvia at Seventeen by Marvin Mattelson
Classical Portrait of Sylvia at Seventeen

The artist you choose will make all the difference in the world.

Marvin Mattelson has been creating award-winning artwork for over 40 years. He is a consummate professional whose portrait paintings meld his great passion for painting with his never-ending fascination with the human spirit. His oil portrait of Sylvia at Seventeen incorporates a contemporary aesthetic with a classical painting sensibility to create a truly unique commissioned work of art – timeless yet timely. Marvin relies on fine craftsmanship and sensitivity to convey the inner essence of his subjects. He treads a fine line, eschewing the all too common pastiche of excessive flamboyant brushwork and oversaturated colors, while also avoiding the opposite approach, of relying on an over-muted color palette. Marvin has the understanding and ability to create beautiful vibrant and colorful portraits that are tasteful, sensitive and brimming with life.

One day my family's portrait will be hanging in the Mattelson Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Michael T. Cohen

You have created the most flattering image of me...ever!

Robert Cripps
Chairman - Velcro Industries

I've never seen another painting, whether in a gallery or in a museum, that can rival the beauty of my Mom's portrait. When people see it they are bedazzled!

Stephen Fishbach