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Marvin Mattelson's Teaching Schedule • Summer 2013

May 6, 2013
Workshop drawing by Carol Katz

Oil Portrait Painting & Drawing Workshops

I've heard it said again and again that when you take a workshop, don't expect to take away too much, maybe at best a few little tricks or oil painting techniques. Anyone who's had that experience simply didn't do their homework. My workshops are hugely different; they're about transformation. My goal to change the way my students look at the world and think about making art. Carol Katz took my drawing workshop in New York last summer. (See above.) This is what she had to say about her experience:

A lot of people think they can’t draw. They think you’re either born with the ability to draw or you’re not and you can never learn.  In reality, it’s something that can be taught to anyone with the right teacher and method.  Just as  a musician needs to learn the notes and the language of music, an artist needs to learn the language of art.  Through years of school, my teachers never seemed to offer the kind of art education that I knew I was missing.  I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I would know it when I found it.    I took drawing, figure drawing and painting in college and for years after in many different schools, always searching for the education that eluded me – until I took Marvin’s painting class and drawing workshop.I never seemed to be able to get beyond a certain level in my drawing.  However, in one week Marvin’s drawing workshop brought me to a level that I’ve been striving for my whole life.  It is by far the most awesome drawing course – and I’ve taken countless – and as an artist, I can honestly say it was a game changer for me and a life changing experience.  I’ll continue to study with Marvin because I believe the sky is the limit studying with one of the most gifted artists and teachers around. - Carole Katz
Class painting by Jane Cronk

Jane Cronk came to my class after a five-year hiatus from formal painting instruction. Her progress since September has been breathtakingly stunning. Nothing is more exciting to me than to witness these transformations.This summer I'll be leading three Oil Portrait Painting Workshops. They'll take place in Cleveland, Atlanta, and New York City. I'll also be conducting a Portrait Drawing Workshop in New York as well. These are appropriate for portrait artists of all levels, from experienced to aspiring.The dates are as follows:

Marvin Mattelson is now conducting his classes and workshops online in Full HD 1080p through his Fine Art Portrait Academy. For further information, or to register for an upcoming offering, please follow this link to his teaching page.

Hope to see you this summer and help you change your game!

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Pat Joyce says

May 7, 2013

I am a slow learner and with no art education to speak of I attended my first workshop with Marvin ten years ago. I have been a devoted portrait artist and student of Marvin’s since. I took out a personal loan to pay for my first workshop. That difficult decision now a cherished memory the loan long paid for and I am now bringing Marvin back to Cleveland Ohio for the second workshop in Cleveland! July 15 th can’t come fast enough! There is still one easel available with potential takers on the proverbial fence. I tell all artists of all levels of experience, these two weeks will transform the way you see, understand, and paint the human form! I am passionate about capturing the innocence and beauty of children especially and could not have reached this level (so much growing with each commission) without Marvin’ s excellent, eloquent teaching style. You are the Master, Marvin!

Marvin Mattelson says

May 7, 2013

Thanks Patty. I’m very much looking forward to my return to Cleveland in July. It’s always great to have the opportunity to further contribute to your amazing developement. Thanks for posting.

Jane Cronk says

May 8, 2013

Thanks so much for posting up my progress. You and your work have repeatedly inspired me to become a better artist. Your painting courses and drawing intensive was very challenging for me, but in the best way. It helped me break my routines that were obviously holding me back and it really helped me see things in a different way. As it is exciting for you to see my progress, it’s just as exciting for me to see that I’m getting closer to my goal.

Thanks for everything! See you next semester.

And for anyone that’s thinking of taking one of Marvin’s workshops, I have one piece of advice: It’s all about the shapes, man.

Marvin Mattelson says

May 7, 2013

Thanks for sharing that Jane. I’m lucky to have the best students.

Clementina Hechevarria says

May 13, 2013

I’ve been studying with Marvin for two years. I have taken both painting classes and a drawing class. He is an amazing artist, teacher, friend. He loves to see his students grow in their artwork. I was painting on my own for 10 years before I met Marvin. A self taught artist learning the hard way. After my first painting class with Marvin I could see such huge improvements in my work, I could see my work evolving into something spectacular. Then I took his drawing workshop. Finally I had the break through I had been looking for. No one had ever taught me how to draw before. Drawing was always the hardest part for me. The art classes I had taken had been a joke because their had been no teaching involved. In one week in Marvin’s drawing class I drew the best portrait of my life. I had my Eureka moment. I’m so happy it happened in Marvin’s class with so many amazing artists. Once you take one of his classes you can never go back to ordinary again. You will come to expect extraordinary in your art and in your life.
Thanks Marvin, hope to see you again soon. Tina

Marvin Mattelson says

May 13, 2013

Thanks Tina. Looking forward to seeing you too.

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