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Marvin Mattelson Fall 2014 Continuing Education Classes at SVA in NYC

August 20, 2014
Marvin's in-class demo of Nora

Figure and Portrait Painting in Oil

I'll be teaching two classes this fall at the School of Visual Arts for the Department of Continuing Education. Each class focuses on both Figure and Portrait Painting and runs for eleven weeks.

Nora (detail)

Each class focuses on both Figure and Portrait Painting and runs for eleven weeks. My Friday class starts September 19th and goes from noon until 6 pm. The Saturday class begins on September 20 and meets from 10 am until 4 pm. These classes are an opportunity to study with me and avoid the expense of being enrolled as a fully matriculated college student.

Ta-da! The finished demo - photo, courtesy of Bruce Brand.

Every aspect of my oil painting methodology will be fully demonstrated and explained in a concise and logical way. You will learn how to draw more accurately and how to mix the colors you see, particularly with regards to the subtleties of flesh, and so much more.

Marvin and Nora - photo courtesy of Bruce Brand

My goal is to demystify the process of painting. Rules bog down the mind and inhibit flow. Understanding and clarity free you to manifest your full creativity.

Marvin Mattelson is now conducting his classes and workshops online in Full HD 1080p through his Fine Art Portrait Academy. For further information, or to register for an upcoming offering, please follow this link to his teaching page.

Until next time...

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R. Derrick says

August 22, 2014

Thanks Marvin, Nora seems very intent in this one. I especially like the handling/color of her hair and how you tweaked the iris to help tie her into the environment. I always appreciate you sharing your workshop demos/posts, and look forward to painting Nora again.

Marvin Mattelson says

August 25, 2014

Thanks Roger. It’s been ten years since I last painted her. I was very happy hear she’s back modeling. It’s always a treat to paint her.

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