Painted Portrait of Toddler & Pet

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Andrew and Dusty

Full Figure Oil Portrait of a Child and His Pet Schnauzer

Oil Colour on Linen Canvas ~ 36 x 28 inches.

This full length portrait of 2 1/2 year old Andrew offered Marvin an interesting compositional challenge,

Since Andrew's parents wanted him to wear this fine Italian ensemble – a gift from his grandparents – comprised of dark gray slacks, a red sweater vest and a white shirt, Marvin felt, that against almost any backdrop, the white shirt would dominate the composition and therefore become the focal point. Looking around their home for a possible solution, he found a light beige chair, which afforded him the perfect solution to downplaying the starkness of the shirt.

The shape of the pants and vest lead the eye towards Andrew's face, framed by his hair and sweater. The clothing becomes far less prominent since it is being overlapped by the chair's arm. Dusty was added to the composition as a way to break up the background area and lead your eye back to Andrew's face. Andrew's parents were thrilled since Dusty had been the family's first addition.