Child's Vignette Style Portrait Painting 

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Oil Portrait Comission of Spencer

Vignette Portrait ~ Oil Commissioned Painting

Oil Colour on Linen Canvas ~ 18 x 14 inches.

Marvin was commissioned by Spencer's grandparents to create a head and shoulders vignette portrait that would capture his mischievous and impish personality.

The main focus of the painting are the delicate nuanced color shifts of Spencer's complexion which enhance it's three-dimensionality as well as the illusion of blood coursing through his veins, making him appear more real than reality. Since it's a silhouette style portrait, as you move away from the central focus, the outlaying areas become less resolved and the brushwork more spontaneous, giving the portrait a highly energetic feel. The color's of the background tone were chosen in an effort to further enhance the vibrancy of his eye color.