Realistic Oil Portrait Painting and Classical Realist Figure Painting Techniques

Moria: Class Demo from Life • Two Week Atlanta 2004 Portrait Painting Workshop

Demonstrating the different phases of the portrait painting process is the best way, in my opinion, to teach painting. Having a clear idea about how to proceed is crucial to accomplishing any goal.

Conveying an understanding of the entire process provides my students with insight regarding the relevance of each succeeding step. Clarity of purpose will make the most difficult of tasks far more manageable. To this end, I try to describe exactly what I'm doing and why I'm doing it as I apply each stroke along the way.

My purpose in teaching is to share both my knowledge and my enthusiasm for painting from life. Watching a painting evolve and come to life is a thrill, that for many, has no equal. I hope you can experience a little bit of that magic for yourself here, by watching Moria come to life below. Although I don't consider this painting to be finished, by my standards, I think it represents my method very well. The image to the right, which was photographed in natural light, is more accurate, color and value wise, than the images below which were shot in the classroom under fluorescent light.

Here are some links to view my finished paintings and learn more about me. If you'd like to see the kind of results my students produce in a very limited time span, please view examples of student portraits and figure paintings as well as some artwork from my portrait painting workshop students.

You can read some feedback from my students. If you'd like more information about my classes and workshops please go to my teaching page or feel free to contact me directly.

Click here for additional step by step oil painting demonstrations.

Click here to see this demonstration animated and set to music.

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