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Moria: Two Week Demo August 2004

This flash movie was created by Dusty Scott, a student of Marvin's who attended the July 2007 Atlanta Portrait Painting Workshop. The movie is reproduced here with Dusty's kind permission. You can see examples of Dusty's work at

Viewing the movie isn't quite the same as being in the workshop and watching the painting develop stroke by stroke over a period of two weeks. Each transition image lasts four seconds and represents about twenty minutes of real painting time. During the workshop Marvin provides ongoing commentary explaining the reasoning and purpose behind every stroke.

The movie serves to illustrate the results of the methodology Marvin shares with his students, albeit in a very condensed time frame. The main objective of Marvin's teaching is never about merely copying or replicating a likeness; it's about breathing life into the portrait.

Click here for feedback from Dusty and other former students.

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